Play as Wall-E in this action-packed platform adventure


  • Great story, based on the Pixar movie


  • Demo is too restrictive
  • Easy, repetitive levels


Wall-E is the new movie by Pixar that tells us the story of Wall-E, a cute robot who works as a kind of garbage collector but suddenly realizes that his life has a new objective.

The movie has been quickly converted into a videogame so that all Wall-E fans can enjoy the adventures of their favorite robot in computers and consoles alike – and at the same time make Pixar earn more money.

The Wall-E game is a classic platform game but from a first person perspective, meaning you see action from behind Wall-E's back instead of following him along a side sliding level. Be prepared to race as quickly as you can and also perform huge jumps in the right time – one second later and you're busted. You also have a small laser beam with which you can destroy any obstacles on your way.

Graphics in Wall-E are not especially appealing. Neither are sound effects, honestly, with the exception of the introductory song. The game is easy to control in terms of the number ok keys being used, though mastering your little robot will probably take you a while.

Despite the great story behind Wall-E, I found the game a bit disappointing. This is something that usually happens with games based on movies anyway, though maybe my disappointment was due to the excessive restrictions of the demo (only two levels available, and quite short ones).

Wall-E is a somewhat deceiving conversion of the Pixar movie to a videogame, but if you like quick, action-packed platform games you should give it a try.




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